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Frequently Asked Questions

Okay, Love it, Need to Have It…How much should I invest in my wedding pictures?

That depends on the significance your wedding photos have for you and your family. 15% of your total wedding package is typical with many allocating more towards photography. Why? Although what was eaten, who was there and color of flowers fade, your images are what remains of the memories of that day, to be passed onto generations. Demand amazing.


I make it simple, product packages include ALL PROFESSIONALLY EDITED DIGITALS, culled from the very best of the day, plus an online gallery and mobile app to share with family and friends, and your biggest treasure; professionally hand-crafted photo album that is a commissioned work of art and one large format display product. Bronze, Silver & Gold Premium Wedding packages available (please inquire) that fit your needs and budget for your big day! Each package is designe for how much of the wedding you would like covered in the photosession, engagement shoots, bridal portraits, pre-wedding sessions, specialty products, upgraded photo albums packages, parent and brag copies, etc. You can peruse my many samples in an in home consultation where we customize your package to exactly what you want. Choose a package/price point and we customize from there! Easy!

What is your Photography Style?:

Think about it this way: If capturing who you are and all the joy and emotions that come with it is your style, then that’s MY style. I lean towards fine art photo-journalism; blending technique and artistic explorations that capture the connected, candid essence of the moment…to tell your story, YOUR way.

So, why choose you?

Because every time you look through your wedding album, you’ll be transported to how much you laughed, cried, the butterflies of anticipation. You can relive your wedding day before you launch you into the next journey. I am passionate about what I do and work to capture the passion of your day.

Think about it, you will be spending your happiest day of your life with your photographer. You should feel comfortable with her, her style should resonate with you, yet she should be invisible on your big day so you can get on with enjoying your moment to the fullest, along with your guests!

I hate posing for photos!

I hate posing too! No worries. I make it painless and quick. How? With lots of pre-planning for the few posed shots we do do, but for the most part, I engage my clients or am behind the scenes...letting you enjoy your big moment while I capture it for you to relive later. This method preserves the beauty of the moment happens naturally rather than ‘paparazzi-style’, plastic ‘assembly-line’ or cliché posing that disrupts the event or creates an artistically arresting photograph but says little about the bride and groom. Ever attended a wedding practically, hijacked by the photographer? I have too. It's distracting and can ruin the day for everyone! During your consultation, we will discuss ahead of time, which are your highly prized posed shots you want and with whom; Sometimes simple or creative, sometimes breath-taking, but all unique and story-telling. As one bride put it, “We all love the crafted postcard wedding picture, but if you can replace my head with someone else’s and it makes no difference, I don’t want it.”

Yet everyone looks like they are laughing or emotional in your photos!

Yes, I know they look like they are having fun or living in the moment, because, well, THEY ARE! I want you to enjoy the experience as much as I do! My goal is to capture your personality, who you are as a couple and the heart-stopping ‘outtakes’ that are happening while you are focusing on... you.

Do you travel to other parts of the country?

Absolutely! I’m a travel junkie and love to capture you in your element.

How many images can I expect?

Depends. I can  take thousands, depending on the photoshoot length, whereas many photographers may take significantly less. Why so many? Because, I'm seeking those elusive spontaneous or "in-between" moments. Not just the moment of the silly pose, but the eruption of laughter and dynamics immediately afterwards is our gem! Yes, alot more work for the photographer but the results for the client are immeasurable!

After your wedding ends, my work begins anew! I cull the very best, finding those spontaneous in-between moments and iconic images, then develop each individual image to bring out the story. Finally, I hand-pick the best of these for your final package to be showcased in your gallery. Most basic galleries well exceed 150+ images.

Will I work directly with you or be shuffled off to assistants?

Know that photography is my profession and my passion and am not a weekend “hobbyist”. I love working directly with my clients and developed lifelong friends along the way. I personally handle every aspect of Dripping Springs Photography, from detailed pre-planning and custom consultations, personally shooting your event, editing and enhancements, designing your album to answering your emails, texts and calls with a goal to deliver a complete product beyond your expectations. 

OK, I'm sold. How do I contract you?

Signed contract, 1-1 consult and full payment reserves your date. Who can I contact if I have questions? Me! Just email I would love to talk with you to discuss more details of your special day! I look forward to talking with you soon!

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